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A lua-web2 based game database   Updated: Jan 11, 2006 @ 08:33 pm
gamedb is a simple little game database that I whipped up in my spare time for a few reasons. One is so that I could have a complete list of all of the games that we currently own, so that we can track what we own. It also allows other people we know to browse our game collection for help in scheduling game nights, etc.

The main goal however was to create a tool which could randomly select games for us to play. We have a fairly large collection, and are human, so a large portion of our collection remains relatively unplayed. With this selecting games for us, every game has a fairly equal chance to get played.

Currently, the gamedb has the following features:

  • Infinite number of players (logins) to the database allowed.
  • Each player has individual permissions that allow or disallow access to editing features in all sections of the database independently.
  • Store an infinite number of games (obviously)
  • Maintain a list of game designers and publishers, by name.
  • Maintain a list of game categories, any of which can be attached to any game
  • game finder which, given some criteria, finds all games that match.
  • simplistic session reporting, which allows for win/loss statistics for each player, calculation of average game time for games played, among other things.
  • stuff I'm probably forgetting.

This version is 1.0.3, (requires lua-web2 2.0.4 or better), and includes the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug in the error handler for unknown commands, which would cause a script error instead of catching the error. There is now als o help for this page which explains what to do when you see it.

  • A help system has been added. This is context sensitive, so that clicking help in the header on any page will give you information about that particular page.

  • The player list and the player profile view now list the total games played. All percentages are also now labeled so that they are more clear. In addition, the number of wins and losses link directly to a list of session reports for each game won or lost, respectively.

  • The SessionReport table now includes sessionDuration, which is the actual amount of time the game took to play. This information is now displayed in the session report lists. In addition, for all detailed game view pages, if there are any session reports for that game that include play duration information, an average play time will be displayed that is the average of all games played.

  • Session report quicklists now link the name of the game to the game's specific page.

  • The session reports now link the winner to a new command page which displays all session reports where that player is the winner. This is the same page that you get by clicking on the number of games won link in the main player page.

  • In the session report editor, a link is now generated to the game entry that the session report was set for when the page was created. This lets you quickly link to the game information if desired. It also acts as a reminder as to what game the session report was set for when things started.

  • Modified the game display code so that the link for viewing session reports is only active if there are actually some session reports filed for this game.

  • The designer, publisher and category pages are now generated so that the form to add new entries is to the right of the main list, instead of at the bottom. This makes it easier to add new entries when there are many items already in the list.

    Additionally, the tables that hold these views were modified so that the games in each is it's own column rather than just in brackets next to the name, for better visual flow.

  • Various cosmetic fixes to change typos, reword link text to be more explicit, etc.

This version now includes documenation for how to install gamedb, and how to upgrade your existing installation to the new version.

This is of course, free for anyone who wants to use it. I plan on extending functionality further, for example to generate reports on session reports (so we can finally answer once and for all, who is the REAL Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper champion).

There is also no warranty of any kind, including that this will do something that you want and not do something bad, like wipe out your hard drive or something. If anything goes bad, I didn't do it!

[   gamedb 1.0.3   ]

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