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LuaHelp: Interactive Help for Lua   Updated: Jun 3, 2005 @ 05:50 pm
LuaHelp is an add-on for Lua which provides the standard function library reference documentation, as well as the documentation for some other libraries, in a Lua data structure format.

The primary use is to add interactive function support to a lua interpreter. This is extremely useful to persons (such as myself) who want quick access to the library documentation without having to search around in a web page. If you have an extra terminal open, help is a few keystrokes away.

The LuaHelp distribution is a series of files which contain the actual library documentation in an easy-to-search Lua table. Also included is a sample help script which demonstrates one way to use this information to add interactive help. Although only a sample, it is quite useful to get help in a standard lua interpreter session.

Besides interactive help, these files may be of use to you if you wish to convert the documentation to other formats. For example, you could easily write a script which would generate troff source files, allowing you to create standard *nix man pages. Or, you could generate an rtf document for use in constructing a windows help file.

The current version (1.0.0) of LuaHelp contains help information for the following libraries:

  • Complete library reference for lua 4.0.
  • luasocket 1.4 by Diego Nehab
  • bitlib and rexlib by Reuben Thomas
Lua itself can be found at http://www.lua.org, and the other libraries can be found at http://lua-users.org/wiki/.

LuaHelp is, of course, freely available to anyone who wants it. Copyright on the actual documentation is held by the respective authors. I merely reformated the documentation into a machine-friendly format.

The archives below contain the help files themselves, some light documentation about the package and how to use it, a sample help script, and some other useful files.

[   Download luahelp-1.0.0.zip   ]     [   Download luahelp-1.0.0.tgz   ]

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