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WinLib: Simple windowing wrapper   Updated: Jun 3, 2005 @ 05:50 pm
WinLib is some code that implements a simple set of classes useful for writing windows programs. Basically, a message dispatcher class that allows you to assign windows messages to members of a class, similiar to the way that MFC handles this. However, it's not overly bloated like MFC. It doesn't contain members for every possible message, and handlers for the entirety of the Win32 API. I use it for all of my windows programs.

It's small, it's fast, and source is included. Use it however you like. Don't presume I'm responsible if you use this code and something bad happens. You don't need to give me credit (though I won't complain if you do). I just ask you don't take this code and hand it out as part of a similar package without some extensive modifications.

Included in the package is a helpful help file, and source for same. This version is newer than the one previously on the page, which had TrayDebugger in the same archive. The code is the same, it has a new class, and some of the methods and types have had their case changed. In all other respects, this is the same as the last release. Enjoy.

[ Download WinLib.zip ]

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