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Our Game Collection   Updated: Mar 8, 2009 @ 06:00 pm
This page represents a fairly exhaustive list of board games which we own and (probably) play.

In order to facilitate getting together with people to play games, I thought it would be a pretty neat idea (neater than a digital watch, even!) to have a list of games, sorted by category, that are available for play.

Most of these games come courtesy of Craving for a Game, a cool game store in the Central City mall in Surrey, BC.

The game related links below jump you to the proper page at BGG (Board Game Geek), where you can find even more information about the games than what you see here. Normally what you'll find are pictures, instructions, and a not-lame description of the game (which is what you get here).

I've also arbitrarily categorized the games into a few distinct categories, which most likely won't really jive with the way other people would sort the games. But there is a bit of a logic to it. For example, party games are classified as "games that are fun to play, but generally best played with more than two people" (since normally there's just me and my beautiful wife playing games).

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Entire Game List

This lists all games in alphabetical order, including a short summary of gameplay for each.
  1. 10 Days in Africa

  2. 10 Days in Asia

  3. 10 Days in Europe

  4. 10 Days in the USA

    One of a few games in the "10 days in" series. This version is based in the USA, and features a single tile per state (in one of a few different colors), 2 planes in each color, and 6 cars.

    The object of the game is somewhat like the game Rack-O, where players attempt to set up a sequence of numbers. In this case, the players must set up a 10 day trip that flows accoring to some simple rules, travelling from state to state. The first player to be able to do so wins!

  5. Abuse: The Final Insult

    Be the first to get rid of all your cards by successfully insulting other players.

  6. Age of Mythology

    A board game version of the computer game of the same name. Each player plays a civilization (Norse, Greek or Egyptian), builds armies and their city, builds production to gather resources, and so on. Plays somewhat similarly to Puerto Rico.

  7. Al Cabohne

    A one or two player variant of Bohnanza (including a new couple of types of beans). In this one, the players play against the bean mafia, who steal bean cards from fields during the game, taking income away from the players.

  8. Alhambra

    A building game featuring tiles, four different currencies and 3 scoring rounds. Buildings must be purchased using the native currency of the builders, which changes as the game progresses.

  9. Alhambra: Die Gunst des Wesirs

    This is the first expansion to Alhambra, and contains four different expansions which can be used all at the same time, or in any combination. The first gives the player the ability to take an action out of turn at the cost of a turn later. The second adds new buildings which are freely available to each player (to a limit of three) and add extra points when they are placed next to other buildings of the same color. The third is currency conversion cards which allow you to use two different kinds of currency to buy something. Lastly, bonus cards are included that match some of the buildings in the base game. If you have the building pictured on the card, you can count the card as a building of that color for scoring.

  10. Alhambra: Die Stunde der Diebe

    This is the third expansion to Alhambra, and provides four seperate additions to the game which can be used individually or in any combination. The first provides thief cards that allow you to steal money from the face up money pile out of turn. The second provides you a single coin of change for every overpayment of 2 coins. The third provides you with "Flying Traders" which provide you extra points if you choose the right traders and build the right buildings. The last provides cards which allow you to build walls on any tile that doesn't already have them.

  11. Alhambra: Die Tore der Stadt

    This is the second expansion for Alhambra, which includes four different modules which can be used individually or in any combination to add new features to the game. THe first allow you to build a "gate" on any tile that has a wall, which allows you to build off of that tile (it provides a route to the fountain from outside the walls). The second provides building tiles that must be played outside of the city walls and count points for all buildings that are in line with them. The third adds character cards which are auctioned during the game and provide the player who wins them special abilities. Lastly, a new currency is included (diamonds).

  12. Amun Re

    In ancient Egypt, players participate in auctions to buy provinces around the Nile river, and then advance them by producing farmers and building pyramids.

    Halfway through the game, the old age ends and a new age begins. And it all happens again. Only now provinces may be more valuable, because of the pyramids left behind by the ancients.

  13. Amyitis

  14. Anno 1503

    A game of exploration in which each player attempts to explore to find the best trade outposts and trade agreements before the other players. The game features 5 different victory conditions, and the first player to achieve three of them is the winner.

  15. Apples to Apples + all 4 expansions

    The famous party card game. The current judge displays a green apple card with a description, and all players play a red apple card from their hand that best matches the description. The judge decides which card wins, and that player gets the green apple card. Then the judge changes and play continues. First person to the predetermined number of cards wins.

  16. Ark of the Covenant, The

    A Carcassonne variant that offers a different strategy and some different scoring options.

  17. Attika

    Players each race to be the first to build their cities. Some buildings can be built for free if built next to certain buildings. Will you take advantage of that or pay resource costs to get there first?

  18. Backgammon

    Be the first to get all of your men to home. But be careful not to leave them protected, or they will get knocked off.

  19. Balderdash

    After a real (but generally unrecognizable) word is read, everyone tries to write a definition of the word. Points are awarded if people believe your word definition.

  20. Balloon Cup

    A 2 player card game where each player attempts to be the first to win three trophies for a series of balloon races. Each race involves trying to get the most or least amount of points, while your competitor tries to sabotage your flight.

  21. Battle of the Sexes

    A trivia game where the men are asked questions about women, and vice versa. The more you know about the opposite sex, the more likely you are to win.

  22. Blokus Duo

    A two player "Travel" version of the Original blokus. Using the same pieces and a smaller board, players try to get more of their pieces onto the board than their opponent does. In this version, players start near the center of the board instead of at it's corners, making for more conflict.

  23. Blokus Trigon

    Another variety of Blokus, this one features pieces made of up small triangles, played on a board which is hexagonal in shape. Though the rules remain the same, the challenge is increased by the strange new shape of the tiles.

  24. Bohnanza

    The original bean trading card game! Players plant fields of various beans for cash. However, cards can only be played in the order they were recieved, so trading with other players is paramount to make sure you make the most of your bean fields.

  25. Bonnie and Clyde

  26. Bucket King, The

    A card game in which each player has a pyramid of buckets in different colors, and players try to knock down other people's pyramids while protecting their own. There can only be one Bucket King!

  27. Caesar and Cleopatra

    One player is Caesar, the other Cleopatra, as they vie for influence in the roman senate. Use your influence to best effect to get the most roman senators on your side.

  28. Café International

    This is a card game version of a board game of the same name. At the Café International, people from different nationalities like to get together for coffee. People may be seated at up to 3 tables at once, but one of them must be their same nationality. For every person seated, all tables they are seated at are scored. More points are awarded if all people at the table are from the same country.

  29. Can't Stop

  30. Candamir: The First Settlers

    Candamir is a 2-4 player game in the Settlers of Catan family, which doesn't use many of the "standard" mechanics is Settlers games. This is more of an exploration game, with players exploring the island to find the equipment and resources that they need to build items and gain the help of other residents of the island.

  31. Carcassonne

    A game for 2-5 players in which each player draws a tile and places it next to existing tiles in an attempt to build a city, road, church or farm to score points.

  32. Carcassonne: Abbey and Mayor

  33. Carcassonne: Catapult

  34. Carcassonne: Cult, Siege and Creativity

  35. Carcassonne: Inns and Cathedrals

    A Carcssonne expansion which includes tiles that increase the value of roads and cities.

  36. Carcassonne: King and Scout

    A Carcassonne expansion which introduces the King and Robber Baron. The king provides extra points for the player who builds the largest city, and the Robber Baron provides extra points for the player who builds the longest road.

  37. Carcassonne: Neues Land

    A standalone Carcassonne game redesigned by Leo Colovini. Play is similar to the original, except that each player gets only 4 meeples to play during the game. However, players may remove meeples from the board and score whatever region they are on, based on it's size at that time. But regions score the most points when they are complete, making decisions much more agonizing.

  38. Carcassonne: The City

    In Carcassonne: The City, the players are building the city of Carcassonne itself. The rules for laying tiles are relaxed from other Carcassonne games, requiring that only roads continue from tile to tile. Also, players get to place wooden walls and towers around the city to block growth and for more scoring opportunities.

  39. Carcassonne: The Count

    A Carcassonne expansion which provides opportunities to steal points from other players when they complete any item in the game (Cities, roads, churches or farms).

  40. Carcassonne: The Princess & the Dragon

    A Carcassonne expansion featuring dragons and princesses. Be wary of the dragon, as it may eat your followers and get them off the board! However, there is a fairy to help keep the dragon at bay.

  41. Carcassonne: The River

    A Carcassonne expansion that provides a river as a starting point for the game.

  42. Carcassonne: The River 2

    A second river expansion featuring river tiles that contain parts of other expansions, as well as a piece that causes the river to branch.

  43. Carcassonne: The Tower

    In this expansion for the base game, players may build towers on some tiles. Towers allow you to capture the meeples of other players that have been played on the board. These prisoners may be ransomed, or exchanged in a prisoner exchange.

  44. Carcassonne: Traders and Builders

    A Carcassonne expansion which brings new meeples and new tiles that allow players to collect trade goods for extra points.

  45. Castle

    Each player tries to be the first person to play all of their cards. But this isn't as easy as it sounds, because some cards send already played cards back to your hand.

  46. Category 5

    There are 104 cards, each numbered from 1 to 104, and each with 1 to 5 hurricane warning flags on them. 4 cards are played to the table to start. On each turn, players simultaneously reveal cards, which are played to the 4 foundations starting from the lowest to the highest values. Cards played must be placed next to the card that they are numerically closest to. Once a list of cards reaches 5, any player that adds a card to it is forced to take all 5 cards. The player with the least number of points wins.

  47. Caylus

    Players are superintendents building a new castle. Along the way, players must enhance the town adjacent to the castle with their own buildings. Along the way, players may use the abilities of their buildings, and the buildings of their opponents in order to gain the advantage. But beware, because using the buildings of others gives them advantages too!

  48. Caylus Magna Carta

  49. Cheops

    In this egyptian themed pyramid game, players take on the role of the family responsible for building the pyramid of Cheops, who are trying to sneak into the finished pyramid to steal it's treasures.

    During the game, players will try to obtain scarbs in various colors, which can be sold right away or kept to sell at the end of the game. A set of tiles (different for every game) sets the price that each color scarab sells for, both during the game and at the end of the game.

  50. Chicago Express

  51. Chrononauts

    Each player becomes a time traveller, travelling through time and changing key points in history in an attempt to restore the timeline and patch paradoxes.

  52. Chrononauts: Lost Identities

    13 new ID cards and one new goal card to add more variety to Chrononauts.

  53. Citadels

    A building game where players try to be the first to build 8 buildings. Each turn, different roles can be taken, including an Assassin, Thief, King, Warlord and more. Each role provides a special ability.

  54. Citadels: The Dark City Expansion

    This expansion to Citadels includes a new set of character cards to replace worn ones from the original game, a wooden king marker to use in place of the plastic and cardboard from the original, as well as some play summary cards for new players.

    In addition, several new purple buildings are provided which allow for new strategies and powers in the game.

  55. Cloud 9

    In this bluffing card game, players take turns piloting a hot air balloon, pressing their luck and waiting until the last possible minute to jump out. Eventually the balloon will crash. Everyone that jumped out will get points based on when they jumped, and anyone in the balloon gets no points at all.

  56. Clue

    The classic detective game. Try to determine who killed the guy who was killed, where the killing occured, and what weapon was used.

  57. Coda

    Try to deduce the other players secret code. Every time you make an incorrect guess, you must reveal one of the digits of your own code. Using logic and deduction, try to expose everyone elses code before yours is exposed.

  58. Coloretto

    A quick, light card game. Each card is one of several colors. Take turns either drawing a card and adding it to a row, or take a row of cards and be out for the rest of the hand.

    At the end of the game, 3 colors give you points and the rest of the colors take points away. So perform a clever balancing act and figure out when the best time to take a row of cards is.

  59. Corsari

    Collect a mighty pirate crew with as few stowaways as possible, and be the first to set sail. But beware, setting sail with more stowaways than another player costs you big!

  60. Cribbage

    Players are dealt cards and try to play them to create runs, pairs, and multiples of 15 points. First player to 121 points wins.

  61. Cuba

  62. Diamant

    A press your luck game in which, over 5 expeditions, explorers try to collect diamonds from a mine. The number of diamonds obtained is split by the number of explorers still in the mine. When you leave the mine, the diamonds that you have obtained are safe (and you may even pick up more on the way out!), but you won't get any of the diamonds that other people find. However, if disaster strikes the expedition, everyone still in the mine loses all of the diamonds they've found. How long will you stay in before running to safety?

  63. Die Macher

    A game about german politics. Players take on the roles of various political parties in Germany, and over the course of 7 elections they try to gain the most votes in each election, as points are awarded based on how many votes your party gets. Along the way you have several options on what to do, some of them dirty and underhanded, as you attempt to manipulate the media, undermine your opponents, and force them into coalitions with you so that you can ride their coat tails to victory!

  64. Domaine

    A game of domination where each player attempts to increase their domain to score the most points by stealing away parts of other player's domains, and even stealing their knights.

    This game is a reworking of Lowenherz.

  65. Dominoes

    Many different variations of play for this game.

  66. Dungeoneer: Vault of the Fiends

    A dungeon crawling card game for 2 to 4 players. Each player takes on the identity of a hero and attempts to complete his quests before everyone else. As you navigate through the dungeon you gain prestige points that you can use to gain equipment and other good effects. But you also gain peril points that the other players can use against you to attack you with monsters and traps.

  67. Ebbe & Flut

    One player is the water,and one player is the land. During the game, the tide goes in and the tide goes out. Each player must cleverly play their cards so that as the tides change, cards are "swept" along. Once all cards are played, whoever managed to get most of their cards to the other end wins!

  68. El Capitan

  69. Elasund: The First City of Catan

    This second game in the "Adventures of Catan" series has players acting as builders in Elasund, the very first city of Catan. Players try to build the best buildings in the city, while at the same time attempting to stop other players from doing the same. Competition can get fierce!

  70. Empire Builder

    Players compete to build the best train empire in North America. Build rail systems and deliver needed goods to cities. This is the flagship "Crayon Rail" game from Mayfair.

  71. Fact or Crap

    Guess wether the statements each player is reading are Fact or Crap.

  72. Fifth Avenue

    In this game of city building in the 1930''s, players take on the task of trying to build buildings in the best possible locations, while at the same time trying to block others from doing the same. The value of a building is determined by how many unique businesses it is next to. Can you take the best advantage of building spaces, or will your opponent beat you out?

  73. Fluxx

    A card game where the rules for playing and winning change during the game as different cards are played.

  74. Forbidden

    Forbidden is a rummy variant with a little Mahjohng mixed in. Players must create runs and sets of cards in hand. The deck includes three suits of cards, and royal cards which allow for extra points, wild cards, and so on. There are also "Forbidden" cards, which cost you points if you're caught with them at the end of the hand, or which multiply your points if you are the one to go out.

  75. Formula Dé

    A fast paced racing board game with quite a bit of strategy. As you negotiate the track, you must stop a specified number of times in each corner, or risk blowing up your car and putting you out of the race. At the same time you have to watch out for the other racers so you don't have any collisions. Extended rules add in weather effects, drafting and customizing the handling of your car.

  76. Game of Life, The

    The classic board game in which you try to be successful and not end up in the poor house, unloved, with no family.

  77. Garden of Alhambra, The

    An abstract-ish strategy game of tile placement. Players take turns placing tiles around buildings on the board. Each tile has trees in each of the players colors, in varying amounts from one to six. When a building is completely surrounded, it is scored, with the points going towards the player who has the most trees around the building. But things get tricky, as every tile has all four colors of trees on it, any play that helps you also helps someone else.

  78. Go West

    In this game of expansion in the Old West, the players represent shrewd businessmen who benefit from wagon trains travelling from the east to west coast. Players control the movement of wagon trains across the country, and vie for control of different regions of the country along the way, to try and gain more points than their opponents.

  79. Goa

    A strategy game in which each player competes with everyone else to be the best in founding colonies and shipping spices. Each turn an auction determines who gets to perform what action.

  80. Gold Digger

    Each player is a prospector trying to lay claim to the best gold mines, while at the same time sabotaging the mines of the other players. The player that outwits all of the other players wins!

  81. Goldland

    Players explore a remote island, trying to collect the most treasures. Along the way various kinds of equipment can be gained, which is used to passed trials and adventures. However, the more equipment you carry, the slower you move. Will slow and steady win the race? Or will slow and steady not get a cut of the gold from the mysterious temple?

  82. Gone Fishing!

    A two player card game in which one player plays the fisherman and the other the fish. The two try to outsmart each other, then switch roles for round 2 to see who the better fisherman.

  83. Grave Robbers from Outer Space

    A fast paced card game in which each player plays characters, props, locations and monsters in an attempt to create the best movie. A large host of special effects make the game different every time!

  84. Great Dalmuti, The

    A card game in which players compete to be The Great Dalmuti. The first player to get rid of all of their cards becomes the Great Dalmuti, and the last becomes the Greater Peon.

    A fast social card game in which no score is kept. Players try to move up the social ranks, and stay at all costs away from being the Greater Peon.

  85. Greed

    A betting game played with dice. Will you let greed get the better of you?

  86. Guillotine

    A fun light card game featuring beheading! The players are executioners in the french revolution, trying to collect the heads of the most unpopular nobles in the city. At the end of three days, the person with the best collection of heads wins.

  87. Hansa

    In Hansa, players take on the role of merchants travelling around Scandinavia trying to obtain the best trade goods. On a turn, the player may move the boat to a new city, buy goods, or sell goods. Boat movement is restricted by arrows on the board which indicate where the boat can go next from where it currently is. Whoever has sold the most valuable goods at game end is the winner.

  88. Heave Ho!

    Two players are in a tug of war. Card play goes back and forth, with players changing who is pulling on their side or their opponent's side, until someone pulls the whisky barrel to their side of the board. First one to win three barrels wins the game.

  89. Hey! That's My Fish!

    A short abstract strategy game in which players control teams of penguins that are standing on an ice floe made up of hex tiles. Each hex contains 1, 2 or 3 fish. A penguin may move as many spaces as possible in any direction, but can't jump over holes in the ice or other penguins.

    When a penguin moves, you get to pick up the tile it started from. Play continues until no more movement is possible by anyone. Whoever hs the most fish wins!

  90. High Bohn

    An expansion for Bohnanza, which features new bean types, special order cards that allow you to obtain extra gold if you can fill specific orders of beans, and special buildings that can be purchased with your gold coins. Each building provides it's owner with special abilities during the game, to help give them the edge.

  91. History's Mysteries

    A mystery-rummy like game (from the same designer) featuring 10 different mysteries such as crop circles and the loch ness monster. Like the other mystery rummy games, this is essentially a rummy game with some different rules and variations.

  92. Hive

    A stategy game for two players. Each player gets a set of 11 hex-shaped tiles, each with an insect on it. Each insect type moves in a different way. Players try to completely surround the oposing player's queen while at the same time stoping the other player from doing the same to them.

  93. Hoity Toity

    Buy or steal various pieces of junk as you vie to form the largest and oldest collection of items. If you're lucky, you may steal something valuable from an opponent. If you're unlucky, they may steal from you.

  94. In The Shadow of the Emperor

    Germany in the late middle ages! It is a time of flourishing cities, influential bishops, the powerful popes, and a pompous aristocracy. In such a volatile climate, no dynasty can remain in power for long. Several aristocratic families seek to acquire the crown of the emperor. But this decision lies in the hands of the seven elector. 2–4 imperial candidates use their knights and cities, marry their barons, and work to influence the electors. But all efforts are useless if the candidate is not elected. But, in the shadow of the properly elected emperor are always those who want to displace him.

  95. Iron Dragon

    A fantasy themed Empire Builder. In this version, players can hire train conductors with the ability to build over different terrain types at a reduced cost. Also includes ports and ships to get around with less track.

  96. Keythedral

    In this modular board based strategy game, players try to gather resources to be used in building parts of the keythedral. During each round, players send their workers out into the fields to harvest the raw materials that will be needed for the building. However, the order that the workers leave for the fields is always fluctuating, and players often find that a field has already been harvested before they have a chance to get there.

  97. Khronos

  98. King's Breakfast

    In this card game, the King has invited you to his castle for Breakfast, a multi course affair. Each turn players eat a dish, saving what is left for the king. At the end of the game, points are awarded based on how much you have eaten. But be careful! If you eat more than the king, he's not going to be impressed.

  99. Kings Cribbage

    A cross between Cribbage and Scrabble. Using numbered tiles, build better scoring crib hands than your opponents.

  100. La Strada

    Players are merchants fighting for the best trade routes. Placing road tiles, players try to connect to as many settlements as possible. However, the more merchants there are in a settlement, the less points it is worth. So, you must find a way to block other merchants from reaching your cities.

  101. Loot
  102. Louis XIV

    A game involving poer and influence in the french courts. Over four rounds, each player tries to use their influence to get members of the royal court to favour them, so that they can fulfill specific objectives.

  103. M

    M is a german abstract game with a scoring system similar to Coloretto. The game consists of tiles, each of which has three properties; A color, a number and a symbol. When you lay down a tile, one of the three properties must match each tile that is adjacent to the new tile. During the course of the game you get (or are forced by other players) to take tiles. Only 2 colors count positive points. All others count as negative points.

  104. Management Material - Information Technology Edition

    A funny card game where players try to avoid being promoted to management. You must play excuse cards to get out of doing projects, which increase your recognition with Management and make it more likely that you will be promoted.

  105. Medici vs Strozzi

    A two player auction game based on the Multi-Player game Medici. In this game, players are bidding to get the best possible sets of goods, attempting to obtain the most money by the end of the game.

    Changes to the basic Medici system allow the game to work with only two players.

  106. Mexica

    A strategy game for two to four players. Each turn you get 6 actions which you can use to build canals, bridges and buildings, or found districts. When the scoring happens, the player with the most buildings in a district gains points for it. Try to maintain control in as many districts as possible while restricting the options of the other players.

  107. Mexican Train

    Mexican Train is an add-on to basic double-6 or double-12 dominoes that gives the game a train theme and alters how the game is played.

  108. Mille Bornes

    A card based road driving game. Be the first player to drive 1000 kilometers. Other players can give you a flat tire, make you run out of gas, and other accidents to slow your progress.

  109. Monopoly

    The original real estate trading game.

  110. Mr. Jack

    This is a two player deduction game in which one player takes on the role of Jack the Ripper and the other Scotland Yard. While Scotland Yard tries to deduce which of the characters in the game is Jack the Ripper, Jack is trying to elude detection.

  111. Mystery Rummy: Al Capone and the Chicago Underworld

    Collect sets of cards for the members of Al Capone's gang for points. But be careful, because other players can raid your cards and steal points away.

  112. Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper

    Play victims and suspects of jack the ripper, along with evidence. Will your suspect be the ripper (giving you double points) or will the ripper escape?

  113. Mystery Rummy: Jekyll and Hyde

    Lay down evidence melds as in other Mystery Rummy games. Here, you can only play Jekyll or Hyde melds depending on the state of the identity card. Play a potion card to switch from Jekyll to Hyde.

  114. Mystery Rummy: Murders in the Rue Morgue

    In this mystery rummy, players try to solve the mystery of the muders in the Rue Morgue. Every time an evidence meld is played, that player secretly places a card in the "kitty". Whoever goes out gets to use the kitty for themselves.

  115. Notre Dame

  116. Odin's Ravens

    Two players race their ravens across a track made of cards.

  117. On the Underground

  118. Palazzo

    In Palazzo, players compete to build the best set of buildings by buying or auctioning off tiles. Each building can be from 1 to 5 floors tall in up to 3 different types of building materials. But beware, because buildings that aren't tall enough score negative points, and big bonuses can be achieved by using the same building material for all floors of your buildings.

  119. Pickomino

    A dice rolling press-your-luck game. Roll thed 7 dice and try to get the highest total. For each roll, you must keep all of one of the numbers, but be careful because on subsequent rolls you are no longer allowed to take those numbers. Will you capture the easy to get worms, or try to roll a higher number, possibly losing a worm you already have?

  120. Pictionary

    A game like charades, except that you must draw instead of speak, to try and entice your team into knowing what to guess.

  121. Pillars of the Earth, The

  122. Pitchcar Mini

    This is a miniature version of pitchcar, which is just big enough to fit onto a folding card table and play. Players take turns flicking their cars around the track, trying to knock each other off and be the first to win the race by completing three laps.

  123. Plumpsack geht um, Der

    Roughly translated to "The awkward bag goes around", this is a simple little memory game. Each card has a picture, an arrow that goes left or right, and a number. 8 Cards are laid on the table briefly for everyone to see, and then turned off. On their turn a player must remember which cards are where, and use the arrows and numbers to move around the circle of cards until they get back to one that is face up. Doing so allows that player to take the card. The first person to obtain 6 cards wins.

  124. Pompeji

    A semi-abstract card game in which players cooperate to build the doomed city of Pompeji. Cards in the game have 1 of 7 different buildings, 1 of 7 different colors, and a number from 1-7 on them.

    Scoring occurs every time a card is played, with points being awarded for having cards of the same color or type in each of four different directions throughout the city.

    The game ends with the eruption of the volcano, and an assessment of negative points against each player for cards in hand. The point at which the game ends is not known beforehand, making the later parts of the game a bit of a gamble as far as playing cards or saving them to set up even bigger scores.

  125. Princes of Florence, The

    Each player plays a Prince of Florence, each trying to be the most prestigious of all. To earn prestige, you must get artists to perform works. Each artist has a set of conditions that he works best in, which makes the work better and thus offers more prestige.

  126. Puerto Rico

    The players are plantation owners in Puerto Rico, growing different crops and trying to run their business more efficiently than the other players.

  127. QBicZu
  128. Qwirkle

  129. Ra

    An egyptian themed auction game, Ra is played over three rounds. In each round, players try to win auctions to obtain tiles to earn points (or stop negative points!). At the end of each round, points are awarded for tiles earned, with possible negative points being awarded for not having any of a certain type of tile.

  130. Rack-O

    A rummy variant in which you place your cards in the order they are dealt into a rack, and then try to be the first to get all of your cards sorted from low to high by drawing and discarding cards.

  131. Railroad Tycoon

    A board game based on the computer game of the same name, the game shares many aspects with Wallace's other famous train game, Age of Steam. Players play railroad tycoons trying to create the greatest rail empire.

  132. Rails of Europe

  133. Reef Encounter

    Players take on the role of Parrot Fish on some coral reefs. During the game players grow corals in different colors and protect them with their shrimp counters. When the coral gets big enough, players can choose to eat it, which gets them points for the end of the game.

    The key here is that different colors of color can consume other coral. Consumed coral is picked up by the player and can be used for a variety of purposes, including changing the rules for which colors of coral are allowed to eat each other, and even locking down existing rules.

    Whoever eats the most valuable pieces of coral is the winner.

  134. Robo Rally

    Each player is a super computer in charge of a robot, and all of the robots are racing! Be the first player to make your robot touch all of the flags in order. The race takes place on the factory floor, filled with pits, lasers, and conveyor belts that get in the way.

  135. Rum and Pirates

    Players control a pirate crew in the middle of pirate town. Using their pirates, players guide the Pirate Captain (the Red Corsair) to various locations in the town, where they can obtain Rum, parts of treasure maps, recruit more pirates, gain pirate supplies like Peg Legs and Parrots, or have a drinking game at the local pub.

    At the end of the night, any pirates that are on board the pirate ship have a fight to determine who will obtain the best sleeping space. Will you get the bunk, the hammock, or the bedroll?

    At the end of the game, the most prestigious pirate will prevail over all of the others.

  136. San Juan

    A card game version of Puerto Rico.

  137. Scattergories

    Write down words that match a given category, and try not to match what the other players have written down.

  138. Scene It?

    A movie trivia game. Answer questions about movies and actors. Some questions require you to watch a movie clip and answer the question that follows. Many different types of questions available.

  139. Scene it? - Sequel Pack 1

    More question cards and another DVD for Scene It?, including new categories of questions.

  140. Scrabble

    If you don't know what scrabble is, I'M not going to tell you.

  141. Seafarers of Catan, The

    An expansion for Settlers of Catan in which plyers get to build shipping routes between islands, and vie for control of the best islands.

  142. Settlers of Catan - Event Cards

    This is a set of event cards which are used to replace the dice in the standard Settlers game. The Cards not only indicate who will get resources, but also have other events (some based on the events in the Settlers of Catan Card Game) which have new effects on the players, making the game more interesting.

  143. Settlers of Catan Card Game, The

    This is a two player card game based verion of Settlers of Catan. Some of the same mechanics are employed, but on the whole this version is a completely different experience. Players try to be the first to obtain twelve points by having the best economy and protection.

    Like the board game, players can build roads and settlements and upgrade settlements to cities. In this version, the majority of building is expansion buildings that provide special powers and protections during the game.

  144. Settlers of Catan, The

    Players vie for dominance on the island of Catan by building roads and settlements. Each turn resources are gained, but may need to be traded to other players in order to build.

  145. Shadows over Camelot

    A Collaborative boardgame where the players are knights of the round table working together to fight the forces of evil. Players attempt to keep the forces of evil at bay while participating in various quests. But beware! There may be a traitor in your midst.

  146. Shear Panic

    This game has players trying to control the arrangement of a flock of sheep to score themselves the most points while at the same time trying to make sure that their opponents aren't able to do the same.

    Each player starts with the same options for flock movement, but can only use each one a set number of times during the entire game. Care must be taken to use the right moves at the right time so that you don't find yourself stranded without the move you need at the end.

  147. Simpsons Trivia Game, The

    A trivia game featuring questions about the simpsons.

  148. Skip-Bo

    A card game based on "Spite and Malice". Each player tries to be the first to play all of their cards.

  149. Skullduggery

    A pirate based tile game in which players try to be the first to get to the treasure on the island. To get to the treasure, you must find all four pieces of your treasure map. Along the way you may pick up gems, fend against renegade pirates trying to steal your money, and also against animals on the island.

  150. Sorry!

    Be the first player to get your men around the board by drawing cards from the deck that tell you what to do.

  151. Space Beans

    In this game by Uwe Rosenberg similar to Bohnanza, players are trying to be the first to gain 30 points by collecting sets of beans.

    Unlike Bohnanza, this game features no trading. Instead, all players but the dealer start with three cards, and the dealer starts with no cards. At the end of your turn, you give all cards currently in your hand to the player on your right. Each player may also maintain two bean "fields" (called collections in the rules), where one of them is hidden from view from the other players and one is open.

    Each bean type is represented by a different graphic, and has a value from 1 to 9 on it. When "harvesting" a field, it is worth points if there is a card in it with a value equal to the number of cards in the field. So for example if the pile of cards contains 5 cards, it is worth 5 points if there is a 5 in the pile, 4 points if there is a 4, and so on.

    When a player has 30 points at the end of their turn, the game is over. Cards in hand are discarded, and all fields are harvested. The player who reached 30 gets 3 bonus points, and whoever has the most points wins.

  152. Spy

    A set collection type card game in which you try to be the first player to dispatch all of your spies on secret missions. The longer you wait to send your spies on missions, the harder it gets, as other spies may get there first.

  153. Squatter

    An australian sheep farming game which accurately represents the trials and tribulations of sheep farming. Players must enhance their sheep paddocks, while keeping their sheep safe from various afflictions, and sell their valuable wool in order to buy more sheep.

  154. St. Petersburg

    A board/card game where players are racing to have the best city of St. Petersburg. Obtain workers, buildings, aristrocrats and upgrades to try and maximize points and money.

  155. Starship Catan

    A game of space exploration for two players based on the game Starfarers of Catan. Players each control a spaceship adventuring around the galaxy, trying to gain fame and fortune, fighting pirates, colonizing planets and establishing trade outposts. May the best explorer win!

  156. StrataGem

    StrataGem is an abstract card game featuring cards with one of several types of gems on them. Players play down their cards into a 3x3 grid of cards, possibly playing over top of previously played cards. You may also attempt to sabotage other players by using thief cards to block their plays.

    Points are scored for every row and column (and the two diagonals) based on the number of gems of a kind, or specific combinations of gems.

  157. Super Mastermind

    Mastermind is a game where you have a certain number of guesses to determine the hidden color sequence. Super Mastermind adds to this by providing a longer color sequence and more possible colors.

  158. Take Stock

  159. Takeover: The Stock Market Game

    Be the first to reach your corporate objective by taking control of a set of companies.

  160. Talk About

    Based on the 80's TV show, each player is given 20 seconds to get his team to guess the person/place/thing by talking about it.

  161. Tantrix Discovery

  162. Thebes

  163. Three-Dragon Ante

  164. Thurn and Taxis

    A game where players try to build the best possible network of mail routes across the country. Along the way they can get the aid of members of public office to try and complete their plans.

  165. Thurn and Taxis: Power and Glory

  166. Ticket To Ride

    Players collect cards of various train types and use them to build train routes across the US, in an attempt to complete as many train tickets as possible.

  167. Ticket to Ride Europe

    Ticket to Ride using a European map. The cards in this version are larger and easer to hold. In this version of the game, some routes are tunnels (which may require more cards to play), some routes use ferries (You must use some number of wildcards along that route), and players and build stations to help them complete routes that are otherwise closed off.

    Additionally, the route cards are more balanced than in the original Ticket to Ride game.

  168. Ticket to Ride: Marklin

    The third installment in the Ticket to Ride series of games. This version includes the addition of a few new mechanics. Route cards are seperated into long and short piles, and the players may draw from either to control what kinds of routes they get. Some routes just require you to connect a city to anywhere in a country. There are new wildcards that can only be used on routes of 4 or more trains.

    The last big addition is the passenger. Each player gets three. During your turn you may decide to move your passenger. Each city that the passenger moves through, he picks up a merchandise token which provides extra points. This adds a strategic aspect to the game.

  169. Ticket to Ride: USA 1910

    An expansion for Ticket to Ride featuring replacement cards for the original game in a larger format, and additional tickets for different ways to play.

  170. Tigris and Euphrates

    A tactical strategy game. Each player is given leaders in four categories. Through the course of the game these leaders are used to gain victory points in each category. At the end of the game, your score is the category you're doing the worst in, forcing you to have a balanced strategy so that each category is just as valuable as the others.

  171. Timbuktu

    Players take on the role of Traders in a Camel Caravan on it's way to timbuktu. After all of the caravans have finished moving, thieves show up and steal from some of the camels. Where the thieves are and what they steal is randomly decided each round. As the round progresses, players gain more information so to there whereabouts of the thieves.

    By using clever deductions, players try to avoid the thieves so that they have the most valuable goods when everyone arrives at Timbuktu.

  172. Timeline

    Make it rich using time travel! In this tiny little abstract game, each player is a time traveller travelling through time trying to pick up items when they're cheap, then skipping to the future to sell them for a profit. To confuse matters, every time someone picks up an item, time is disrupted, most likely foiling someone's plans to make it rich!

  173. Tom Tube

    Playings take on the roles of Tom Tube and Drifting Dave, who are trying to build a space station. Each begins with a base and two solar modules. During play tiles are placed to build up a network of space tubes on the board, in one of the two players colors (and sometimes both).

    Players try to manipulate the tube network so that they can retreive their solar modules faster than their opponent. Judicious use of energy cubes to perform space jumps, along with drifting through space tubes is neccesary to beat your opponent.

  174. Too Many Cooks

    A trick taking card game where each player is trying to make different kinds of soups all in the same pot. Try to get as many of your ingredients as possible, but beware because the other players will try to screw you.

  175. Travel Buff

    Travel based trivia game. Earn money by answering questions, and use it to gain points in trivia areas you are weak in.

  176. Tri-bond

    Given a list of three items, try to find the common bond between them all. First to bring three pawns around the board wins.

  177. Trivial Pursuit

    The original trivia game. Answer questions, maybe get a pie, if you're in the right place.

  178. Trivial Pursuit: 20th Anniversary Edition

    A version of Trivial Pursuit featuring questions that cover the last 20 years.

  179. Trivial Pursuit: 90's Time Capsule Edition

    A version of Trivial Pursuit featuring questions from the 90's.

  180. Trivial Pursuit: DVD Pop Culture

    A version of Trivial Pursuit that plays as usual, but includes a DVD with questions on it as well.

  181. Trivial Pursuit: Genus 3

    Thousands of new questions for the original Trivial Pursuit.

  182. Trivial Pursuit: Millenium Edition

    Trivial pursuit featuring questions from the last 1,000 years.

  183. Trivial Pursuit: The 1980's

    A version of Trivial Pursuit featuring questions about the 80's.

  184. UNO Attack!

    A version of UNO where an electronic card launcher spits out a random number of cards, instead of each player picking from a draw pile.

  185. UWO

    A two player war game on the alien plant Znorf. One player plays the Gnorfs, and the other the Pnorfs. Each alien species has a few things in common; They cam morph into different shapes, and they think the other species is ugly. As good a reason for war as any.

    Players wage combat trying to wipe out the other player's UWO (Unidentified Walking Object) army.

  186. Vikings

  187. Vom Kap bis Kairo

    In this card based train building game, each player attempts to be the first to build their railroad from Cape to Cairo. Track must be built across 5 different terrain types. Auctions determine what segments are available to each player, who each must be careful not to go bankrupt.

  188. Wyatt Earp

    A mystery-rummy type game in which players try to catch outlaws from the wild west. Each outlaw has a bounty on their head that goes up every time someone plays evidence cards for that outlaw. First person to earn $25,000 wins.

  189. Ys

    In this bluffing and bidding game, players take on the role of merchants in the land of Ys. Each turn players deploy brokers to various neighborhoods around the city to speculate on the prices of gems and attempt to obtain gems, gold and special powers. Over four turns players try to obtain the best gems while simultaneously affecting the price of the various gems. At the end of the game the player with the most money is the winner.

  190. Zombie Fluxx

  191. Zooloretto

Games by Category

Board Games

This lists games which are played on a game board of some type.
  1. 10 Days in Asia
  2. Anno 1503
  3. Attika
  4. Backgammon
  5. Battle of the Sexes
  6. Blokus Duo
  7. Blokus Trigon
  8. Candamir: The First Settlers
  9. Cuba
  10. Empire Builder
  11. Formula Dé
  12. Go West
  13. Hansa
  14. Hoity Toity
  15. Khronos
  16. Kings Cribbage
  17. On the Underground
  18. Pillars of the Earth, The
  19. Princes of Florence, The
  20. Rack-O
  21. Robo Rally
  22. Rum and Pirates
  23. Scene It?
  24. Seafarers of Catan, The
  25. Settlers of Catan, The
  26. Shadows over Camelot
  27. Simpsons Trivia Game, The
  28. Squatter
  29. St. Petersburg
  30. Takeover: The Stock Market Game
  31. Thebes
  32. Thurn and Taxis: Power and Glory
  33. Ticket To Ride
  34. Ticket to Ride Europe
  35. Ticket to Ride: Marklin
  36. Timbuktu
  37. Travel Buff
  38. Tri-bond
  39. Trivial Pursuit
  40. Trivial Pursuit: 20th Anniversary Edition
  41. Trivial Pursuit: 90's Time Capsule Edition
  42. Trivial Pursuit: DVD Pop Culture
  43. Trivial Pursuit: Genus 3
  44. Trivial Pursuit: Millenium Edition
  45. Trivial Pursuit: The 1980's
  46. Ys

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Card Games

This lists games which are playing with cards (either entirely card based, or some mechanic of the game uses cards).
  1. 10 Days in Africa
  2. 10 Days in Europe
  3. Abuse: The Final Insult
  4. Al Cabohne
  5. Apples to Apples + all 4 expansions
  6. Balloon Cup
  7. Bohnanza
  8. Bonnie and Clyde
  9. Bucket King, The
  10. Caesar and Cleopatra
  11. Café International
  12. Candamir: The First Settlers
  13. Castle
  14. Category 5
  15. Caylus Magna Carta
  16. Chrononauts
  17. Chrononauts: Lost Identities
  18. Citadels
  19. Citadels: The Dark City Expansion
  20. Cloud 9
  21. Coloretto
  22. Corsari
  23. Cribbage
  24. Dungeoneer: Vault of the Fiends
  25. Ebbe & Flut
  26. Fluxx
  27. Forbidden
  28. Gold Digger
  29. Gone Fishing!
  30. Grave Robbers from Outer Space
  31. Great Dalmuti, The
  32. Guillotine
  33. Heave Ho!
  34. High Bohn
  35. History's Mysteries
  36. Hoity Toity
  37. King's Breakfast
  38. Loot
  39. Management Material - Information Technology Edition
  40. Mexican Train
  41. Mille Bornes
  42. Mystery Rummy: Al Capone and the Chicago Underworld
  43. Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper
  44. Mystery Rummy: Jekyll and Hyde
  45. Mystery Rummy: Murders in the Rue Morgue
  46. Odin's Ravens
  47. Plumpsack geht um, Der
  48. Pompeji
  49. Robo Rally
  50. San Juan
  51. Seafarers of Catan, The
  52. Settlers of Catan - Event Cards
  53. Settlers of Catan Card Game, The
  54. Settlers of Catan, The
  55. Shadows over Camelot
  56. Skip-Bo
  57. Space Beans
  58. Spy
  59. St. Petersburg
  60. Starship Catan
  61. StrataGem
  62. Take Stock
  63. Three-Dragon Ante
  64. Ticket To Ride
  65. Ticket to Ride Europe
  66. Ticket to Ride: USA 1910
  67. Timeline
  68. Too Many Cooks
  69. UNO Attack!
  70. UWO
  71. Vom Kap bis Kairo
  72. Wyatt Earp
  73. Zombie Fluxx

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Strategy Games

This lists games in which each player uses strategy to try to win. These are games which would primarily be considered a good strategy game, since technically any game that is not mostly luck based requires a strategy of some sort.
  1. 10 Days in the USA
  2. Age of Mythology
  3. Alhambra
  4. Alhambra: Die Gunst des Wesirs
  5. Alhambra: Die Stunde der Diebe
  6. Alhambra: Die Tore der Stadt
  7. Amyitis
  8. Anno 1503
  9. Ark of the Covenant, The
  10. Attika
  11. Backgammon
  12. Caesar and Cleopatra
  13. Café International
  14. Carcassonne
  15. Carcassonne: Inns and Cathedrals
  16. Carcassonne: King and Scout
  17. Carcassonne: Neues Land
  18. Carcassonne: The City
  19. Carcassonne: The Count
  20. Carcassonne: The Princess & the Dragon
  21. Carcassonne: The River
  22. Carcassonne: The River 2
  23. Carcassonne: Traders and Builders
  24. Castle
  25. Category 5
  26. Caylus
  27. Caylus Magna Carta
  28. Cheops
  29. Chicago Express
  30. Citadels
  31. Citadels: The Dark City Expansion
  32. Coda
  33. Cuba
  34. Die Macher
  35. Domaine
  36. Dominoes
  37. Dungeoneer: Vault of the Fiends
  38. Ebbe & Flut
  39. El Capitan
  40. Elasund: The First City of Catan
  41. Empire Builder
  42. Formula Dé
  43. Garden of Alhambra, The
  44. Go West
  45. Goa
  46. Hansa
  47. Heave Ho!
  48. Hey! That's My Fish!
  49. History's Mysteries
  50. Hive
  51. Hoity Toity
  52. In The Shadow of the Emperor
  53. Iron Dragon
  54. Keythedral
  55. Khronos
  56. La Strada
  57. Louis XIV
  58. M
  59. Medici vs Strozzi
  60. Mexica
  61. Mr. Jack
  62. Mystery Rummy: Murders in the Rue Morgue
  63. Notre Dame
  64. On the Underground
  65. Pillars of the Earth, The
  66. Princes of Florence, The
  67. Puerto Rico
  68. QBicZu
  69. Ra
  70. Railroad Tycoon
  71. Rum and Pirates
  72. San Juan
  73. Seafarers of Catan, The
  74. Settlers of Catan - Event Cards
  75. Settlers of Catan, The
  76. Shadows over Camelot
  77. Shear Panic
  78. Spy
  79. St. Petersburg
  80. Thurn and Taxis
  81. Thurn and Taxis: Power and Glory
  82. Ticket To Ride
  83. Ticket to Ride Europe
  84. Ticket to Ride: Marklin
  85. Tigris and Euphrates
  86. Timbuktu
  87. Timeline
  88. Tom Tube
  89. UWO
  90. Vikings
  91. Ys

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Tile Laying Games

This lists games which are played by laying down tiles in some manner.
  1. 10 Days in Africa
  2. 10 Days in Europe
  3. 10 Days in the USA
  4. Anno 1503
  5. Ark of the Covenant, The
  6. Attika
  7. Carcassonne
  8. Carcassonne: Abbey and Mayor
  9. Carcassonne: Catapult
  10. Carcassonne: Cult, Siege and Creativity
  11. Carcassonne: Inns and Cathedrals
  12. Carcassonne: King and Scout
  13. Carcassonne: Neues Land
  14. Carcassonne: The City
  15. Carcassonne: The Count
  16. Carcassonne: The Princess & the Dragon
  17. Carcassonne: The River
  18. Carcassonne: The River 2
  19. Carcassonne: The Tower
  20. Carcassonne: Traders and Builders
  21. Garden of Alhambra, The
  22. Goa
  23. Goldland
  24. Hive
  25. Keythedral
  26. La Strada
  27. M
  28. Mexica
  29. Palazzo
  30. Qwirkle
  31. Ra
  32. Railroad Tycoon
  33. Reef Encounter
  34. Rum and Pirates
  35. Skullduggery
  36. Tantrix Discovery
  37. Tigris and Euphrates
  38. Vikings
  39. Zooloretto

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Building Games

This lists games in which the primary goal/theme of the game is to build things.
  1. Age of Mythology
  2. Alhambra
  3. Alhambra: Die Gunst des Wesirs
  4. Alhambra: Die Stunde der Diebe
  5. Alhambra: Die Tore der Stadt
  6. Amun Re
  7. Anno 1503
  8. Ark of the Covenant, The
  9. Attika
  10. Candamir: The First Settlers
  11. Carcassonne
  12. Carcassonne: Catapult
  13. Carcassonne: Cult, Siege and Creativity
  14. Carcassonne: Inns and Cathedrals
  15. Carcassonne: King and Scout
  16. Carcassonne: Neues Land
  17. Carcassonne: The City
  18. Carcassonne: The Count
  19. Carcassonne: The Princess & the Dragon
  20. Carcassonne: The River
  21. Carcassonne: The River 2
  22. Carcassonne: The Tower
  23. Carcassonne: Traders and Builders
  24. Caylus
  25. Citadels
  26. Citadels: The Dark City Expansion
  27. Die Macher
  28. Domaine
  29. Dungeoneer: Vault of the Fiends
  30. Elasund: The First City of Catan
  31. Empire Builder
  32. Fifth Avenue
  33. Goa
  34. Iron Dragon
  35. Keythedral
  36. Khronos
  37. La Strada
  38. Mexica
  39. Notre Dame
  40. Palazzo
  41. Pillars of the Earth, The
  42. Princes of Florence, The
  43. Puerto Rico
  44. Railroad Tycoon
  45. Rails of Europe
  46. Reef Encounter
  47. San Juan
  48. Seafarers of Catan, The
  49. Settlers of Catan - Event Cards
  50. Settlers of Catan Card Game, The
  51. Settlers of Catan, The
  52. St. Petersburg
  53. Starship Catan
  54. Thurn and Taxis
  55. Ticket To Ride
  56. Ticket to Ride Europe
  57. Ticket to Ride: Marklin
  58. Tigris and Euphrates
  59. Tom Tube
  60. Vom Kap bis Kairo
  61. Zooloretto

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Trivia Games

This lists games which (wait for it) are trivia based.
  1. Battle of the Sexes
  2. Fact or Crap
  3. Scene It?
  4. Scene it? - Sequel Pack 1
  5. Simpsons Trivia Game, The
  6. Travel Buff
  7. Trivial Pursuit
  8. Trivial Pursuit: 20th Anniversary Edition
  9. Trivial Pursuit: 90's Time Capsule Edition
  10. Trivial Pursuit: DVD Pop Culture
  11. Trivial Pursuit: Genus 3
  12. Trivial Pursuit: Millenium Edition
  13. Trivial Pursuit: The 1980's

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Party Games

This lists games which are good for play with a group of people (i.e. more than 2).
  1. Abuse: The Final Insult
  2. Age of Mythology
  3. Alhambra
  4. Alhambra: Die Gunst des Wesirs
  5. Alhambra: Die Stunde der Diebe
  6. Alhambra: Die Tore der Stadt
  7. Apples to Apples + all 4 expansions
  8. Ark of the Covenant, The
  9. Battle of the Sexes
  10. Bohnanza
  11. Bucket King, The
  12. Can't Stop
  13. Carcassonne
  14. Carcassonne: Inns and Cathedrals
  15. Carcassonne: King and Scout
  16. Carcassonne: The City
  17. Carcassonne: The Count
  18. Carcassonne: The River
  19. Carcassonne: Traders and Builders
  20. Castle
  21. Category 5
  22. Chrononauts
  23. Chrononauts: Lost Identities
  24. Citadels
  25. Citadels: The Dark City Expansion
  26. Coda
  27. Coloretto
  28. Corsari
  29. Cribbage
  30. Diamant
  31. Fact or Crap
  32. Formula Dé
  33. Gold Digger
  34. Great Dalmuti, The
  35. Guillotine
  36. High Bohn
  37. Hoity Toity
  38. Iron Dragon
  39. King's Breakfast
  40. Kings Cribbage
  41. La Strada
  42. M
  43. Management Material - Information Technology Edition
  44. Mille Bornes
  45. Mystery Rummy: Al Capone and the Chicago Underworld
  46. Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper
  47. Pickomino
  48. Pitchcar Mini
  49. Princes of Florence, The
  50. Puerto Rico
  51. Robo Rally
  52. San Juan
  53. Scene It?
  54. Scene it? - Sequel Pack 1
  55. Seafarers of Catan, The
  56. Settlers of Catan, The
  57. Shadows over Camelot
  58. Simpsons Trivia Game, The
  59. St. Petersburg
  60. Ticket To Ride
  61. Ticket to Ride Europe
  62. Too Many Cooks
  63. Travel Buff
  64. Tri-bond
  65. Trivial Pursuit
  66. Trivial Pursuit: 20th Anniversary Edition
  67. Trivial Pursuit: DVD Pop Culture
  68. Trivial Pursuit: Genus 3
  69. Trivial Pursuit: Millenium Edition
  70. Trivial Pursuit: The 1980's
  71. UNO Attack!
  72. Wyatt Earp

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"Bored" Games

This lists games owned which we generally do not play. This could be because the game is boring to play, but most likely it means that the game is really best played with a group of people.
  1. Balderdash
  2. Battle of the Sexes
  3. Clue
  4. Fact or Crap
  5. Game of Life, The
  6. Greed
  7. Monopoly
  8. Pictionary
  9. Scattergories
  10. Scrabble
  11. Settlers of Catan - Event Cards
  12. Simpsons Trivia Game, The
  13. Sorry!
  14. Super Mastermind
  15. Talk About
  16. Travel Buff
  17. Trivial Pursuit
  18. Trivial Pursuit: 20th Anniversary Edition
  19. Trivial Pursuit: 90's Time Capsule Edition
  20. Trivial Pursuit: DVD Pop Culture
  21. Trivial Pursuit: Genus 3
  22. Trivial Pursuit: Millenium Edition
  23. Trivial Pursuit: The 1980's

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